Phone Order Processing, The Perfect Work at Home Job?

If you enjoy talking to people on the phone, have a good voice, and are friendly, then this is the work at home job for you. Out of all work from home jobs, these are my favorite.

How it Works
Have you ever seen an ad on television advertising a product, and decided to call the phone number on the screen to order it? If you have, then chances are you were talking to someone working from their home. Many companies know that their customers dislike talking to people from overseas on the phone, so they decided to instead hire native English speakers.
With this job, you take the orders for the products, and enter the information on your computer. Here's how it works:

1. A person sees an ad on t.v. and decides to call the number to order the product.
2. The company receiving the call then routes it to the next available work at home agent.
3. The call is routed to your phone, and by using the company's software on your computer, you are able to take the order.

Though these jobs can be really fun, there are some things that you need to consider before applying.

1. Customers- Some of the customers who you talk to can be quite irritable at times, and sometimes even rude. You have to always try to be friendly and helpful, even when they are not.
Note: This is NOT telemarketing. The people who call in already want to order the product. Because of this, it is rare to receive obnoxious calls.

2.Prank Calls- Though extremely rare, you may get some prank calls during this job, some which can be very obscene. You have to have a tough skin and just ignore it. (I have only gotten about 2 of these calls during my entire time at this job.)

3. Schedule- Though you set your own schedule with these jobs, you have to make sure that you work at the time you signed up for, or you could be penalized.
The companies that hire for these jobs are selective on who they pick, and it could be a few months before your application is even viewed, due to the high volume of applications to these jobs.

With most of these companies, you will need a separate phone line, since they do not want non customers calling you while you work. You can not use a cell phone or cordless phone with these companies. I also recommend that you buy a phone that you can plug a headset into, so that you can use both hands for typing.

Many of you might be worried about long distance calling charges. This is not a problem because the companies will send the calls to you, so you normally won't be charged.
If you are planning to work full time with these jobs, then I recommend that you apply to at least two.

Here are the names of some of the companies that I recommend for this job:
1. Liveops-(BBB Check) This is personally my favorite company, since it's software is very easy to navigate, the schedule is flexible, and the training is great. (Liveops requires $30 for a background check, but their training is provided for free.) Out of all work at home opportunities, this is the company I use the most.

2. ACD Direct-(BBB Check) ACD Direct is another call company which mainly deals in fund raising. It is a great company to work for, however the call volume is seasonal due to fund raising drives, so you may experience downtime. Their order processing forms are a little more confusing that Liveop's, as well as their scheduling process. Still, they are a good company to work for, and will treat you like family, while with Liveops you are treated more like an number. This company is slightly more forgiving as well. They would be my second pick.

3. BabyToBee-(BBB Not Available) This is a website that gives offers,samples, and coupons to parents who are about to have a baby. Your job would be to call the parents and go over the different offers that they can get. The pay is about 10/h, and you are paid by direct deposit. If you are interested in applying, send an email to:

4. West-(BBB Not Available) West, or West at Home, is another call center company. West sends pay ever two weeks. Some people absolutely love this company while others hate it. Its training process can be challenging, especially if your computer is older, since you might have to install a service pack. West can be considered similar to Liveops in the type of calls it takes.
Here are a few other call center companies that have been highly recommended to me:

5. Arise (BBB Check)

6. Alpine Access (BBB Check) - This company is currently hiring agents only in Colorado, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

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